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Thumbnail Blaster Review – Easy Video Thumbnail Creation

The Ultimate Thumbnail Creation Tool?

What is Thumbnail Blaster?​

Thumbnail Blaster is a tool that creates eye-catching thumbnails in three clicks using the world’s only A.I. for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and every other video site. You can quickly produce world-class, high-converting thumbnails if you can point and click!

Easily create world-class, high converting thumbnails!

Thumbnail Blaster comes with over 30 thumbnail templates across multiple niches: Weight loss, local business, gaming, travel, vlogs, pets, reviews, music, SEO, sports, real estate, and makeup are just a few of the niches covered by Thumbnail Blaster…

How Does Thumbnail Blaster Work?

STEP 1: Select One Template (or let the AI choose a template for you)

Step 1

Thumbnail Blaster includes over 30 thumbnail models in a variety of niches, including weight loss, local business, gaming, travel, vlogs, pets, reviews, music, SEO, sports, real estate, cosmetics, and more. It’s all there… We’ve got your back!

STEP 2: Click, Edit, Customize (or let the A.I. customize the template for you)

Step 2

There’s nothing to install and you don’t need any technical skill…
Each template can easy be customized to fit your needs.
You can drag and drop anything, resize, change text and fonts.

Add new elements… Just drag… and drop. You are in total control!
Everything is very easy with Thumbnail Blaster’s point and click interface.

Create your thumbnails for any style of video – 16:9, 4:5, 4:4 or any size that you want.

STEP 3: Publish & Get Views

Step 3

It’s as easy as pressing one button to upload your new attention-getting thumbnail. 

Thumbnail Blaster will update your current video with the latest AI generated thumbnail, which will get you more views, visitors, and exposure if you click “PUBLISH.”

Or you can just download the thumbnail as .jpg and use it however and wherever you want.

See Thumbnail Blaster In Action

Thumbnail Blaster ​Features


Does this work for Mac and PC?

Yes, Thumbnail Blaster is a cloud based solution. Everything is hosted on their servers, nothing to download or install. You can use Thumbnail Blaster from your desktop PC, Apple or even from your smart phone.

Do I get free updates?

Yes, indeed! Auto updates are completely free. Because everything is stored in the cloud, it will be automatically updated whenever a new update is released.

Does this work only with YouTube videos?

Thumbnail Blaster works not only with YouTube videos. You can download the thumbnails in JPG or PNG format, in ANY size that you want and save them on your PC. After that, you can use them in Vimeo, Facebook Ads, Facebook News Feed or in ANY other place that you want.

Who Is Thumbnail Blaster For?

Pros & Cons

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Video Thumbnail, SEO Ranking, Video

Main Benefits

Create Video Thumbnails in 3 easy steps  for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Cloud Based
$36.86 One-Time Fee (Check for Discount)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Through official website
Official Website

Rating & Conclusion

4.5 Stars

Ease of Use

Why We Recommend Thumbnail Blaster...

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